Comme ci, comme ca

Day 22 Pendueles ➡️ Pineres de Pria. DM: 21.5 mi 

Day 23: Pineres de Pria ➡️ Isla. DM: 17.2 mi

Sol and I have a symbiotic relationship. Her top bunk preference pairs wonderfully with my bottom bunk preference. She can talk about music artists for days — I can sing their lyrics. They’re American songs, so, home field advantage. 

She drinks hardly any water. I guzzle down liters every hour. I navigate to ensure we get from A to B — her spanish allows us to ask important questions, like, can we have some extra bread, or, what’s your stance on Roe V Wade. 

Can’t be too careful with these religious peregrinos.

Sol is going through Camino growing pains. As a tennis athlete, she’s used to shorter spurts of speed. She starts off the day at a sprint — fueled by una cortado and a healthy dose of 90s rock. I’ve since established a rule — no music pre 11am. I’ve also established many other rules. I won’t mention them, though, since she is finally reading my blog.

Sol also initially wasn’t hungry. A couple long and windy days later and she’s worked up the El Camino appetite. We order seconds of everything. The waiters must think we’re pregnant American women fleeing the disaster that is the US of A. Leave while you can!

And, Sol’s sprouted her first set of blisters. Where did she get them? A post-hike run. Are we surprised? If you know Sol, you shouldn’t be. She started playing Rocky as we arrived at our albergue and decided she had some steam to blow off. Yes, you can bet there’s a new rule about post hike runs.

We’re likely going to take it easy for a day or two to help her recover. But, let’s count our blessings here. We don’t have COVID nor bedbugs, like two peregrinos we met on the trail today. Serves them right for supporting overturning Roe V Wade.

Plus, while rain is perpetually in our forecast, Sol did finally purchase a raincoat. Thank god. However, she’s lost the towel she bought three days ago. Comme ci, comme ca.

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