Sol for Sol

Day 26: Gijon ➡️ Aviles. DM: 16 mi 

Day 27: Aviles ➡️ Pitu. DM: 17.5 mi

Day 28: Pitu ➡️ Queruas. DM: 24 mi 

Day 29 (Sol’s birthday): Queruas ➡️ Luarca. DM: 7 mi. 

PSA! Today is Sol’s birthday! 

On the trail, Sol shared a confession. She did not invite me to her birthday party in Nairobi last year. 

But Sol — I remind her — don’t you remember I baked you a cake in Kakamega? 

Our friendship last year started with Sol texting me — a day before her birthday — asking if I was free to celebrate her birthday with her in Kakamega. I had only met her once before that. If you’re confused — don’t worry — so was I at the time.

Not knowing anything about her nor her preferences, I baked her a cake and bought birthday hats for a mini celebration in Kakamega. Evidence below!

Guess that wasn’t enough to score an invite to her big banger in Nairobi the next weekend.

She tells me that if I had cut one “n” from my last name — and reached Jew status — maybe she would have extended an invite.

I have started to second guess whether her suggestion that we do el Camino together was genuine or pure lip service.

This year, in attempt to lock down our friendship, I pulled out the big guns. I bought us matching bucket hats during our stopover in Gijon. As if our hiking outfits couldn’t get any more ridiculous (see picture below). The hats have scored us a couple trail friends — we bring #bighatenergy. I heard we’re trending on El Camino Reddits. And, my mom will be happy, the hats provide ample sun protection.

Gijon also brought some other happy surprises. Sol bought another quick dry towel to replace the one she lost. And, she found a Pokémon card on the sidewalk. 

Caro, you do know what Pokemon is, don’t you? — Sol has lost all faith in my knowledge of anything outside of running, work, and the Sound of Music. 

We’ve started the analog version of Pokémon Go with the other peregrinos. Have you heard we’re trending on Reddit?

Maybe in an attempt to reassure me that I’m not a friend of convenience Sol paid me a wonderful compliment the other day. She told me I look blonde. She had me convinced — maybe the VDP sun has brought some blessings? — until, a day later, she declared herself a brunette.

She definitely has black hair. 

One of us must be color blind. 

We are taking today in Sol style to celebrate her birthday. It’s also her last day on the trail, so we are treating ourselves to an easy 7 miler with a beach-side destination. The sun has finally come out! Makes sense. Sol for Sol :).

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